Kaunas, Lithuania

Striped Socks

I can't remember the last time I posted the ootd post. November has always been a busy month for me, as all those fashion shows and collaborations doesn't seem to come to the end. 
Sometimes I just miss all those simple outfit posts in Winter.  So today I'm going to post one of these. Hope you like it, guys. 
The accessory of today? Probably my striped socks.I have chosen to wear it that way for the first time. And by 'that way' I mean on my ankles. It added that accent to my look and also kept my feet warm.:) Feels like winter is coming...

Back to 60's with Etiquette Magazine

Good evening, lovelies! Today I finally gathered all the information and all the photos from our fashion shoot for Etiquette Magazine. I've already showed you the backstage shots, as I remember. Here it is. And today I've finally prepared the screenshots straight from the magazine.

In this collaboration with Etiquette we wanted to recall the 60's but just in a modern way. And together with the amazing photographer Nikas Te we managed to present it in the magazine.

Backstage of Design Days 2014

Hello, dear readers. Remember me attending fashion show Design Days? I've already told you about it last year, so today I won't go into the details that much and just show you the photos I took while we, models, were preparing for the show in the backstage.
As you know, all the models had a chance to represent two collections, so do not waver when you see me dressed up as a punk and as a classic lady. Also, this time it was held in the railway station that was really interesting and unique place, but there was a lot of space this time to dress comfortably, last year it was a cinema theater so there was a lack of space.

Alright, so for those who don't know much about this event, please read  the post of the last year and get to know more about it! And those who know enough , please enjoy the photos.

Woman World 2014 backstage moments

I'm back, guys, with a bunch of news!Well, first of all the new Etiquette issue is up and I'm going to post it on my blog pretty soon! Can't be more excited to share the photos with you.
What more, tomorrow I'm going to do some modeling in the fashion show called Design days!
So be prepared to see all the photos either catwalk or backstage.

And now I'm going to share some of the photos that The wedding dresses salon Birute has shared on their page. The photos are well known for some of you, however to someone it can be a new thing. 
In that case go and check backstage photos that I've taken in the Woman World 2014.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Juozas Statkevicius Spring/Summer 2015

Yesterday I attended one of the biggest shows of the year. It's the fashion show by Juozas Statkevicius the greatest fashion designer in Lithuania. He represented his S/S15 collection in Vilnius so I just had to be there. 

I have to say that it really impressed me, it was way too better then last year's collection.
I'd already known that it had something to do about Marocco. My nose was full of the incense from the minute I stepped in the arena and the decorations were flawless as well as I was looking around at that time. It was just amazing! The whole collection and the atmosphere just made me feel like I'm somewhere in Arabia or near there. It was so inspiring that I can't even tell.
Because of the not very convenient seat I couldn't make any good photos so to see a new collection visit 15min.lt  .

And while I haven't forgotten in the end you will get to see my outfit too so stay tuned!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Me Casting for Design Days

Do you remember a fashion show Design Days? I was attending it last year, the casting as well. I think I'm going to repeat my self and remind you that this show gives a chance to young designers to show their talent and it's not only Lithuanian designers that I'm talking about right now. Of course the bigger part belongs to Lithuanian people, but some of the designers come from all the parts of Europe, and that what it makes it even more interesting. 
But what I'm talking right now. Let's get to the point. So as you can see I was searching through all the internet some days ago as  I find it really exciting to look for my face in the photos, which belong to the photographers, by the way (names tagged below). Just letting you know, guys, that all of these photos doesn't belong to me. 

Backstage of Woman World 2014

Once again I've attended Woman World 2014. I've been participating there as a model for three years now. This time I missed all the fashion shows except for one, and it's wedding dresses of course.
I couldn't possibly miss my chance to wear a wedding dress again. This time I wore a wonderful mermaid type dress from salon cold Birute. It was a  dress from new Rosa Clara  collection which was wonderful!

Today I want to share with some backstage photos. And in case you want to check the show of last year click here. And the show from 2012 right here

Kaunas, Lithuania

Styling Project with 8 to go/Part II

So after  a long time I finally got to show you these gorgeous shots of me and my sister as we were styling for formal clothing store 8 to Go as well as participating there as models.
Sadly I got to show you only three photos as it had been a fun part of the photo shoot with a lot of jokes, smiles and good vibes, it wasn't taken seriously. If you want to see the amazing models we had to dress for any occasion, check the first part of 8 to go series on my blog.

Look fab and keep yourself warm

Another must have Autumn piece of clothing is definitely fur coat! These are  coming back to fashion, though they've never really left. However, it is now oficialy the hottest trend of the cold season! 
Yesterday showed up my last article on Deichmann trendblog! If you haven't read it yet you should do it right now. Again, it's all about fur coats that help you look  fashionable but keep you warm all Autumn. And of course, how could I forget those Deichmann booties that helped me to create the ultimate look and look astonishing on that Autumn day.

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