design days - year 2014

Hello again, sweeties.
 Today I'm writing about something I should have written about long time ago. Remember the fashion show Design days? I wrote about it and posted some backstage photos in November. 
 I've already collected all the photos from various photographers and e/press and all is left is to share it with you, guys.
 So as you remember in the backstage photos you could see me dressed up in two totally different outfits. First is called 'Ether of the street' by Dovilė Kemėšytė and other collection called 'Ethno Aliens' created by Simona Remeikaitė.

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  1. Great collection!

  2. How awesome. You looked great!


  3. Willkommen auf meiner Website gibt es viele schöne, hochwertige prom Kleider,können Sie hier klicken, oder Sie können klicken Sie hier.

  4. I love the monochrome, pretty smart :3


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