Moments from 2013

I didn't realize that the day I will be picking photos for this post will come that fast. Today, again, I had a chance to remember all these days from 2013 and think about what have I done and what have I achieved in this period of time. It's funny but while looking all the posts and all the photos again I saw that the most of the posts I have written was my ootd ones! I have really improved with this type of posts. And I've noticed that there were more projects that I'd participated in and more articles about them as well! Let's see... I have participated in Woman World 2013 again and had one more chance to try on the wedding dress again! I have also demonstrated the Monton and Salamander shoes new collection and it was really fun! I've also participated in the Subliminal  clothing store's opening and had a chance to demonstrate a new collections of the brands like Guess and Miss Sixty. Like it wasn't enough I've also participated in Design Days. It's a fashion event organized by DiDi festival, where young designers had a great chance to demonstrate their collections. This fashion event gave me an opportunity to shine in Magazines like Style (ltu. Stilius) and SwO. I cant forget all the castings I had been to from all that modeling job and of course meeting new people and making new friends was also included into that. I have also taken part in Barex Italiana hair seminar. It was so nice to try something new and to participate in this one! And of course while I haven't forgotten my photo shoot in the Reveur Photography, which was also a good opportunity to meet new people and to fill my model book with an amazing shots!
My first fashion show was also amazing! It was the show of Juozas Statkevičius (eng. Josef Statkus). He is the most popular designer in Lithuania and it was a pleasure to see his collection live! I won't forget this for the rest of my life!

Besides that, I have also had an amazing traveling all around Lithuania with my dance crew! Dance new dances, try new dance styles, meet new coaches from all the cities and participate in various of contests and shows! If we talk about travels, I have to mention my traveling to Mallorca with my family. I had an amazing opportunity to explore the Island, to try a Spanish cuisine and to shop  in different kind of stores. In the end of summer I've also visited The Palanga. It's more like summer resort or something and all my time spent there was amazing!
 My summer was the best as well as all the other seasons of this year. I've done so many things that I didn't think I will ever would do and I have taken so many photos and I have improved with my blog a lot too! My visitors number grew a lot this year. Although the number of followers is not moving that active but I've been having a various of comments and I've been having a lot of messages from the readers all around the world as well as the offers to cooperate! This year was wonderful to me! My blog is getting fuller and fuller every day and it makes me really happy. Hope 2014 will be more beautiful, more wonderful and more facilities will arrive!

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