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Autumn holidays has just begun, however, to me it feels like it had never started. Dancing rehearsals all the time! I get some sleep, then go to the rehearsal and then again, sleep. Four days I've spent just like this. It's such a shame, cause I had so many plans for this week. Anyway, I couldn't make some special posts these days, so for today I decided to prepare an article with new stuff that I got during this month. The end of the week is going to be full of activity and full of new posts on my blog. Nevertheless, Halloween is coming...

Model casting for Design Days

Yesterday I participated in one casting in which designers were looking for models for the Design days. It's almost like a traditional fashion event organized by KTU University and their young students who are going to show their collections on November 8th.
So today I found some photos made by a photographer Eglė G. who has immortalized some moments from this casting. Hope you, guys, like it. For more photos visit an official photographer's page.

The Number 20

Today I participated in one more casting. Designers were looking for models and here we are. Me and our group. Today my number was 20. I didn't have to wait long for my turn so it was good. 
Anyway, for castings we usually have to dress something simple, shape and body lines highlighting clothes. I chose to wear my lovely blouse from H&M and skirt from Tally Weijl and my heels from Bershka. It was simple and comfortable. I just love it!

Someone turns Sixteen!

A few days ago, on Tuesday it was my friend Smilte's Birthday! But me and my sister decided to celebrate it today with just us three somewhere in the old town! It was so awesome!! Having dinner in G-Loft, which is one of the most popular places in the city nowadays. So, yeah, after that  we moved to Vero Cafe, where we have spent our evening! It was so fun. I decided to take some photos for you there. As you see I was wearing my new leggings which I've received from a postman not too long ago.

Just another Friday evening

Today, just my lessons came to the end, I moved straight to the old town and met my friends. Another Friday evening chatting with my best girls, drinking hot coffee and enjoying our sweet time! I'm really happy, that I've finally received my new sweater that I bought online and had a chance to look super cute with it today!!

Extra shots from Subliminal Fashion Opening

This topic was already forgotten, however I've found some photos that took photographer named Nerijus Š. from Subliminal Fashion clothing store opening and I must to show them to you. You can see me my sister and other models demonstrating new Subliminal A/W collection. If you want to see more photos visit Subliminal Facebook page!
So for this peaceful Saturday evening just enjoy these photos.

Just an ordinary Autumn look

Good evening, dears! Today I had such a busy day! The following Fridays have been so busy to me that I didn't realize that weekend has already come! Straight after school I went to the wedding dress salon. And again..I was trying on dresses that I'll wear for another fashion show.
And after that I met my dearest friends Smilte and Camille and we had such a lovely Friday evening!

Like a Lady

Yesterday a bunch of homework showed up so I didn't manage to make a post, but it seems like today's evening is super free to me. For today let me show you my outfit that I chose to wear for 2nd Fashion day in Akropolis, when new A/W Monton collection was introduced.
I chose to look more like a lady. I always like to choose more rookie type of clothes or super cute ones, but this time I came up with a new vision of myself.
Comment below and let me know what do you think!

Fashion Days in Akropolis

Yesterday it was a second day and this time I didn't participated with our dance group. This time I and some other models have demonstrated new collections of Monton and Salamander. It was so much fun! Today I'm going to show you photos from the whole event and tomorrow you will see my personal outfit photos. So just stay tuned!

Velvet leggings and fur vest

Yesterday I participated in one event. Fashion days have started in one of the biggest shopping center in Kaunas. It's called Fashion Days and it lasts for a few days. So yesterday it was a first day and our dance group was invited as well. Tomorrow I'll tell you more about this event and now just check my outfit that I wore yesterday.

Instagram Diary: September

Let me introduce you to the Instagram goodies of September!

Flower Shop

Hello, dears! And hello, October! Instagram post is going to be a little bit late. Sorry about that. 
Yesterday I visited Monton clothing store and tried on some clothes that I'm going to demonstrate this coming Saturday. Can't wait!

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