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Autumn holidays has just begun, however, to me it feels like it had never started. Dancing rehearsals all the time! I get some sleep, then go to the rehearsal and then again, sleep. Four days I've spent just like this. It's such a shame, cause I had so many plans for this week. Anyway, I couldn't make some special posts these days, so for today I decided to prepare an article with new stuff that I got during this month. The end of the week is going to be full of activity and full of new posts on my blog. Nevertheless, Halloween is coming...

My new UGG shoes that I bought not so long ago. I just adore them! Can't wait to try on these booties on the first cold winter day!! I know UGG shoes is out of fashion, but I just can't go anywhere without them. It's an ultimate guarantee to stay warm on cold winter days while looking super cool!

My Converse sneakers that I got some days ago. Lately I'm using these for rehearsals, but I'm thinking about leaving them for summer!

And at last my latest Romwe goodies that I was receiving during this month. I'm still waiting for some things but today I just wanted to show you these guys out there. My velvet leggings that you can see me wearing right here, and my leggings that gives that sexy cowgirl feeling right here. I can't forget my lovely sweater which I was wearing in this post.
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