Queen of the night

Good morning, Sunday! This week was full of work so I didn't get a chance to post on my blog. However, at the end of the week I had some work in one show. It was held because of the women rights. And there was a runway so I, my sister and some other girls were here, because some designers wanted to show their masterpieces to others. So on Friday I had to show one designer's felted clothes. Shame of me, I didn't get a chance to take some photos. However on Saturday I showed silk clothes by another designer. And her collection was named "Queen of the night".
So yeah, even the name is saying how clothes supposed to look. 

On the same day I had to show another collection. This time it was wedding dresses. However about them you'll know tomorrow. I won't get in details about my today's outfit too. And why, you'll know tomorrow.

P.S. These photos are only from backstage. I don't know when I will get photos on runway. I think it'll take for awhile.

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  1. Amazing look dear! love your eyes and your studded bag
    Kisses sweetie

  2. Beautiful blog! i like these dresses the long black one is fantastic.
    i have bought last month from modaqueen coupon code 40% off you can get from here as well.


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