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London, UK

Modern day princess

February; design class, shisha, russian restaurant

London, UK

Night walks in December

London, UK

The Christmas Eve

London, UK

Winter wonderland in London

Winter in London is by far different from the one in Lithuania. While in Lithuania I had to walk on icy roads and snow during this time of the year, whenever I decide to visit London,(which usually happens on weekends) it always starts to rain. 
So happened last weekend as well, as we I decided to visit Winter Wonderland, huge German based amusement park. Okay, it wasn't fun as soon as we got from the metro station, however, just after we got the first ride, we forgot the rain instantly and couldn't wait to get as much as we possibly can from our visit here. In one word I can say, that it was AMAZING. I don't know why, but it was such a huge deal for me. I tend to think, because I haven't been to this kind of event for a loong time, so maybe that's why I felt in love with this event and loved each moment spent there. Some photos from the event below!

South Korea

INSTASHOT: Throwback to South Korean adventures + vlog!!

This post has been lost somewhere ahah. You know, that usually when I come back from my trip, I go to my blog and post an article full of instagram shots. That's what I was supposed to do with this post as well, but somehow, there were so many things going on in my life that I forgot to make it.
Anyway, now that I finally created my travel vlog (yess, very first vlog of mine), I think it would be cool opportunity to post it here, together with my instagram shots. 
And guys, you can't even imagine how excited I am about this vlog as it's my first video like this that is ever posted, so be understanding, it might not be perfect, but I am planning to improve!
Anyway, let's see if you like it and maybe if you do, I can create more videos like this for you to see, especially when it comes to travelling! If you don't know, here you can see an original travelling videos from Korea. 

Hatfield, UK

Old town / Hatfield

More and more my mind gets full of thoughts of making my own traveling diary..  For some reason posting outfit shots doesn't amuse me anymore. I am sure you all might be tired of constant posting of  different looks with no story behind as well. Of course it does stay my favorite activity but I feel like something is missing. Being such a huge travelling lover I feel like I must do something about my blog. Like, for example, be more engaged in posting travelling shots than just regular looks. 
Of course, nothing happens quickly so to start this brand new idea of mine, I decided to try incorporate some travelling mood into my articles first. I think this gonna make my blog more interesting to read as each post may tell something new and hopefully something interesting. However, as I am now busy studying, I may not always be available to travel so I am not sure if my idea is going to work. But why not to try?
Here you go my first kinda autumn-ish look from old town of Hatfield. Small place which is not that good when it comes to looking for restaurants or shopping (no shops, no restaurants, just pubs here!!), but quite interesting for those who might like to take some 'British' kinda pictures  and enjoy the atmosphere. Enough for today.;) stay tuned to see some pictures from Winter Wonderland in London! Will be super fun!

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