Kaunas, Lithuania

Transparent details

Dark yet romantic

Vilnius, Lithuania


If you follow either my instagram account or that of snapchat you probably got to see some shots of our latest editorial "Squeeze me" by  Wear mad by July (http://www.madbyjuly.com/) 
This awesome, bright and colourful shooting was so far the most unique and fun of what I have got to do so far.
 For the first time I got to wear this pink mermaid hair wig and those awesome bright combos made out of linen.  So cool and so refreshing at the same time. 
Cannot forget the amazing team, which I got to work with! You can read about it in Lithuanian people magaine Žmones (see in the article right here) in Alfa.lt

The joyful green

Kaunas, Lithuania

Feel the sun

Kaunas, Lithuania

Rock those stripes!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Camille Rowe inspired look

Do you know that feeling when sometimes you're obsessing with something since early morning, maybe you got that from the dream, you dreamed last night, huh doesn't really matter. But the thing is that, that precise thing that you tend to obsess about lately just inspires you in some silly ways. For instance, I am kind of inspired by the Camille Rowe and her effortless Parisian looks that it just makes me don't brush my hair, pull out my oldie striped sweater and just grab a pair of my favorite loose indigo jeans and voila, ready to go out. Pretty effortless, right? I must say, it's super cozy too, especially for those rainy, cooler summer days, when all you need to do is head to some cozy coffee place, grab a cup of  cappuccino and read, read, read.

Kaunas, Lithuania


To make things clear, I would like to point out that the girl in the video is not me but my sister Laura Macij. You can check her blog and maybe discover something new and different from my blog, although I highly doubt it. Because we work mostly together, we tend to take photos of our looks in the same places, corners, therefore our photos are beyond similar, everything is the same, except for the outfits. So it happened that we again were shooting for Deichmann trendblog, which we both write and so it is that I wanted to share this cool video here with you guys.
Currently I am working with my youtube page and trying to make it better so wait for some news, there are a lot of things that I am working on right now! :)
And about the video.. Just trying to introduce the choker trend to our little Lithuanian fashion community and other girls who love to dress nice and are interested about what's big and what's meeh.
You can find full article here and also check the video! Don't forget to leave the feedback in the comments below. See you.

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