Hatfield, UK

Cozy Autumn look

London, UK

At The V&A

Hatfield, UK

Good morning England!

Sorry for doing a break on my blog recently. Not too long ago I moved to UK for my studies so I needed to settle in. Of course I won't stop blogging, and actually going to take this chance to do some fun posts here, which may be a little bit different from the previous ones, that I used to post on my blog. The town I am staying at, Hatfield, is pretty calm, but it's just beside London, so I may take photos there as well. In general, I think this period may be very interesting for my blog as it's going to go through some changes and those are always for the good. So stay tuned and wait  for more British looks!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Bagels on my mind

Now let's talk about some of the coolest places in town! If you ever have a chance to visit Lithuanian capital Vilnius, make sure you visit this  awesome bagel place. "Beigelistai" is how this place is called, is actually the latest discovery of mine. It's some new place where you can you can choose from many many types and you can have a cup tea or homemade lemonade as well. That's what I did on this hot Autumn day. I visited with sis and we decided to have some bagels for dessert, so ordered one with nutella and one with peanut butter. yum! so delicious!
You can look for this place in Literatų street, Vilnius and see for yourself!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Tiko Patiko clothing line

Kaunas, Lithuania

The autumn colours

Kaunas, Lithuania

Just look at the violet dress!!

Looking through the Maybelline New York and L'Oreal Paris goodies

As the new day comes, the new beauty product review sure does come too! And this time it's the L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York what it's going to be all about. So if you're perhaps on a shortcut of make up products or just simply want your collection to increase and thinking about buying something, take a look, because why not, it's fun!

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